Kenya’s 2.4 million orphans suffer from physical, sociological and psychological problems including malnutrition, illiteracy, and abuse. Although education would help protect these children from exploitation, poverty and dependency, only 5% will complete even a minimal level of education.

Joseph Waweru Children’s Home
(Nakuru, Kenya)

This home has 5 to 6 children, and supports about 10 more who live with distant relatives. They concentrate their efforts in providing an atmosphere where the children receive individualized attention, with the support of a family, while learning skills necessary to mature as responsible, self-sufficient adults. The orphanage provides three meals a day, medical care, education, tutoring, clothing, gardens, dairy goats and knowledge of sustainable living. School is not free in Kenya, and the needs of some of the kids cannot be met in public school since their education was lacking before arriving at JHWS. To give these kids the best chance in life, donations for this home will be used to pay school fees.

Precious Kids Center
(Kitale, Kenya)

Located in Kitale, Kenya, the Precious Kids Center serves children with disabilities who have been abandoned or neglected. The staff also work to educate the community to be more accepting and supportive of children with disabilities. There are currently a high number of kids in need of medical attention, for issues ranging from a broken arm to spina bifida. Read more about their urgent cases here.