Jodie O’Shea Orphanage

This morning we went to the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage in Bali, Indonesia. Upon arrival, we were given a tour.

Most of the kids were still at school but we got to meet the babies. The youngest is Grace at 3 months old. Her mother abandoned her at the hospital.


Then it was time to do a food run with a couple of the older kids. Our helpers were Dedi and Jonathan. We took the orphanage’s shopping list to the store and they helped us find everything.


We returned to the orphanage to unload the groceries. By then some of the kids had returned from school so they helped carry everything over to the cook in the kitchen area. She looked surprised!

Next we headed back into town to buy bunk beds for the new dorm that was recently finished (just needs paint). We were able to purchase to sets of bunk beds with mattresses. They had to be delivered so we didn’t get to see them set up in the dorm, but the orphanage promised to send us a photo when they arrive.

Here is a photo from the store of one set:

Thank you to all of the donors who made this possible!


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