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Indonesia Fundraising Update

As of this afternoon, we have received $1220 in donations for the orphanage in Indonesia. Thank you so much! We leave on Saturday and will keep the blog updated.

Dinah & Quinta

This summer you helped us raise money for Dinah at Precious Kids Center in Kenya to have surgery to straighten out her back due to complications from Spina Bifida. Dinah needs to gain some weight before the doctors will perform the operation, and unfortunately, she is still struggling to do this.

Precious Kids Center recently took in a new child named Quinta who has polio and needs an operation to correct her foot. We have decided to use the money we raised for Dinah to help Quinta.

We will keep you posted on the progress of both girls.

When Dinah is healthy enough for surgery we will raise money for her again.



Join Us Tonight at Veggie Grill

The Veggie Grill in Laguna Niguel is donating 50% of all sales made tonight between 5-9pm to Yellow Yarn for Dinah’s surgery. Please join us! Be sure to mention the fundraiser so we get credit for your purchases.

Kenya Surgeries Update

Allan and Jabal had their surgeries this week and are both doing well! Allan will be in his casts for 6 weeks and then he will have leg braces to help hold his legs in the correct positions. Jabal’s biopsy results will be back in a couple of weeks and then they will be able to determine the next step of his treatment. The doctors want to keep the boys under observation for one more day and then they will be headed home. Thank you to everyone who contributed towards their surgeries!


Cambodian Children’s House of Peace

During our trip last week, we also visited the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace. The kids here speak very good English and love to paint. They gave us a warm welcome when we arrived.

Your donations allowed us to purchase the following for CCHP:

660 lbs of rice
50 pairs of flip flops
30 pairs of sneakers
20 backpacks
20 bottles of shampoo
20 bottles of body wash
48 toothbrushes
24 tubes of toothpaste
25 shirts
10 shorts
2 skirts
20 pants
10 towels

Here are some photos of the grounds:

We made some new friends while we were there. They practiced their English with us and taught us some Khmer.