Green Gecko Project

We visited the Green Gecko Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia, last week. Not only have they provided a safe environment for the kids they have taken in, but they are also working to solve the root problems which lead to children living on the street. Many of the kids here have a family with a single mom who is addicted to alcohol or gambling, and some of the mothers don’t know how to parent because they were never parented properly as children. This leads to many dangerous situations for the kids. Tania, the founder, works with the mothers to educate them and teach them the skills they need in order to find a job. If the mothers learn how to protect their children and are able to provide for them (food, shelter, etc) then their children will not end up on the street. Tania is an amazing, passionate person, who really cares about the children and the community.

There are many children, but they are divided up into smaller family-sized units, each with their own symbolic animal and color. When we visited, we were given a tour by one of the older boys from the purple group.

The grounds of the center are spacious and peaceful. There is a girls’ dorm and a boys’ dorm, library, classroom, kitchen area, sports field, and many places for the kids to just hang out and relax outside.

Your donations allowed us to purchase the following supplies for the Green Geckos:

25 pairs of Crocs
8 pairs of sneakers
5 backpacks
20 pairs of boys underwear
10 sets of pajamas
10 kramas

Here are a couple photos of the local market where we purchased the items listed above:

Happiness Centre

We visited the Happiness Centre near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last week. It is run by a couple from Singapore, Nancy and Roy. They are taking care of over 30 kids with severe disabilities, and rarely get a break. They are currently renting the house where they live with the kids, so they are limited with what they can do to it (they want to add on rooms). They are also short on staff who help them take care of the kids. Nancy and Roy are doing so much with so few resources.

On the day of our visit, we stopped by a large store (think Walmart or Target) to buy supplies for the Happiness Centre. Your donations allowed us to purchase the following:

50 lbs Powdered Milk
175 lbs Rice
10 Packs of Baby Wipes
14 Boxes of Diapers
2 Large Packs of Toilet Paper
10 Large Bottles of Body Wash
12 Large Bottles of Shampoo
4 Bottles of Detergent
16 Toothbrushes
8 Tubes of Toothpaste
2 Bottles of Multipurpose Cleaner
$250 for Other Expenses (bedding, medical supplies)

Here are some photos of the Happiness Centre:

Fundraising Update

Thank you, Yellow Yarn donors! You have helped us raise $3000 for the children’s homes in Malaysia and Cambodia. In three weeks we will be headed there to supply them with food, clothing and other basic necessities from their wish lists.

You have also helped us raise $1400 to fund surgeries at Precious Kids Center in Kenya! This should be enough to cover the operations for Emmanuel and Allan. Dinah’s surgery will not be until August so we still have some time to raise money for her.

Thank you so much for all of your support. We could not do any of this without you!

Urgent Medical Needs in Kenya

One of our homes in Kenya, Precious Kids Center, has an unusually high number of children who need medical procedures. The most urgent cases are three children who need operations to correct issues related to Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy. Here are their photos (Dinah, Allan and Emmanuel). More information is available on our Urgent Needs page.


Malaysia & Cambodia

We are headed to Malaysia and Cambodia next month on personal business. While we are there, we would like to help three of our children’s homes, two in Cambodia and one in Malaysia, by supplying them with items from their Wish Lists, such as diapers, shoes and medical supplies. One of the homes is for children with Cerebral Palsy and the other two homes rescue street children. We really need your help to make this endeavor a success.